CKM Construction has built a team that specializes in transforming

dark, dank, structurally deficent spaces into structurally sound,

dry and highly functional showpieces.

A project such as this defines value, transforming the liability of an

unused, maintenance headache into an attractive, valuable asset.


When structural engineer, Moshe Calamaro approached

CKM Construction to inspect a Lincoln Park condominium

building with serious structural problems, CKM worked with

the engineer to implement an innovative set of solutions.

This required extensive shoring of the structure and removal

of the dangerously dilapidated, main triple beam.

Concrete footings were poured and new steel columns and

beams were installed. This new bearing support line was

extended up through the four-story building with the

installation of additional steel, microlams and parallams thus

preserving the historic 130 year old structure.